Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: Our products are on sale in all 56 TESCO stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Malakat Mall Cyberjaya, and selected Pasar Raya or Buy on line direct from us (click here) or Shopee and our Factory’s showroom at No. 60, Jalan Nilai 3/12, Kawasan Perindustrian Nilai 3, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Q: Are all your products ‘Halal’ certified?

Yes, all our products are certified ‘Halal’ MS1500:2009 by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).
We use only Premium ‘Halal’ Ingredients for all Shazz Delight’s cookies and cakes.
Our manufacturing facilities and production processes comply with the food safety standards set by MeSTI (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia).

Q: Type of Packaging, number of pieces and net weight?

Cookies are packed in air tight clear round tray (5cm x 18cm) containing between 27 to 96 pieces of cookies of net weight between 300g to 500g depending on the variety and size of the cookie.
Assorted cookies are packed in air tight round tin tray (8cm x 19cm) containing 36 pieces (6 varieties x 6 pieces each) net weight 250g.
Assorted Sugee are packed in air tight round tin tray (8xcm x 14cm) containing 21 pieces (3 varieties x 7 pieces each), net weight 200g
Fruits cakes, net weight 400g are packed in air tight aluminum foil in individual paper box size (19cx5.5cmx9cm).

Q: What is the price of your products?

Cookies in clear round tray are price between RM25 to RM28 each and Cake RM14.90 each (Click here for full price list).

Q: Can I order your products in special packaging?​

Yes you can, we do special packaging e.g. door gift, wedding door gift, festive – Raya, Chinese New Year, X’mas, hampers, etc. subject to specific Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Please call or WhatsApp to +60134162313 our Sales Department for details.

Q: I want to start my own business/have my own business, can I buy your product in bulk and sell them under my own company brand name?

Yes you can, 40% of our productions (ODM) cater to other cookies and cakes companies from both local and neighboring countries and individual businesses, who buys our original designed products (ODM) and sell them under their own respective brand names and packing. Please call or WhatsApp to +60134162313 our Sales Department for details.

Q: I have my own retail outlet(s) and want to sell your products; do you sell your products to retailer like me at a discount price?

Yes we do, subject to MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) please call or WhatsApp to +60134162313 our Sales Department for details/arrangement.

Q: I own a cookies business; can you manufacture the cookies that I sell?

Yes we can, 20% of our production caters for OEM i.e we produce the products based on your own recipe and requirements including packing for you. Please call or WhatsApp to +60134162313 our Sales Department for details.