EXO ‘Don’t Fight The feeling review that is’ a seamless change in to the next period for the boyband’s journey

EXO ‘Don’t Fight The feeling review that is’ a seamless change in to the next period for the boyband’s journey

The ever-popular K-pop work deliver summer bops with this unique record that features EXO’s journey that is ever-changing

A great deal has occurred into the 19 months since EXO last circulated a record. From enlisting to the South Korean military and starting families to joining other teams and starting effective solamente tasks, the team you live the entire spectral range of life as grown men. But, these are generally returning to remind individuals why they’ve been considered juggernauts in K-pop’s ever-growing industry.

Their brand new album that is special Fight The Feeling’ commemorates EXO’s nine-year anniversary with a seven-member comeback that marks the return of Xiumin and D.O. from their mandatory army solution, in addition to Chinese user Lay, who was simply on a hiatus from EXO tasks since 2016. https://datingperfect.net/dating-sites/kink-dating-reviews-comparison The task additionally features Baekhyun and Chanyeol, each of who took part in the album’s recording before enlisting in March. Despite having been very nearly couple of years since their last record ‘Obsession’, EXO show fans on ‘Don’t Fight The experiencing’ them special that they have not lost the je ne sais quoi that makes.

EXO. Credit: SM Entertainment

The five-track task informs a tale of love, maturity plus the capability to adjust to alter, that is a thing that EXO understand all too well. Over the course of their nine-year job, the group have experienced to adjust to a slew of lineup modifications and quickly grow along the way. Even though particular Western news outlets will try to some genuinely believe that military enlistment is “the kiss of death” for the male group, EXO have proved at you and still make good music that it’s possible to successfully adjust to the circumstances life throws.

The project begins with name track ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’, a groovy song that mixes pop music, party, synth noises and also gospel chords on the pre-chorus. With words by SM Entertainment’s writer that is in-house (whom also co-wrote SHINee’s ‘Don’t Call Me’), the track is approximately thinking in yourself and encourages the listener to check to the future whenever up against hard choices in life.

As the track does not have the attention-grabbing, hard-hitting elements that EXO have now been proven to bring such as for example in past games tracks like ‘Monster’ and ‘Obsession’ – however in the chronilogical age of COVID-19, maybe people only want to feel well. The vibe that is uplifting catchy retro dance beats of ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ serve to accomplish exactly that and would certainly maybe maybe not feel away from put on a summer time playlist with this year’s well tracks.

Within the next two tracks, ‘Paradise’ and ‘No situation,’ EXO look into various issues with R&B while keeping a flow that is consistent of listening. On ‘Paradise’, the boyband exude the peaceful of self- self- confidence of males whom aren’t afraid to follow the individual they really want while harmonising to noises of the latest jack move: “I would like to get near to you, babe / Hands up on your own hips / Damn girl, you have me / You’re the only person to help make me do so such as this.”

EXO additionally get only a little adventurous and just just take audience for a throwback trip with ‘No situation.’ Authored by Search Engine Optimization Ji-eum, whom formerly caused EXO on ‘Wait’ from 2018’s ‘Love Shot’, the track leans hefty into ’90s R&B, coupled with soft piano within the background, and comes off as being a mix that is nostalgic TLC’s classic 1991 solitary ‘Baby-Baby-Baby’ while the 1998 hit ‘Love similar to this’ by Faith Evans.

The team deviate from R&B and slow things down with ‘Runaway’, a moody, soft rock track that combines piano and a difficult bass-line, and discusses escaping the hardships of life. The record concludes with ‘Just As Usual’, an uptempo R&B jam which includes a mellow, soft beat that well mixes piano by having a guitar. The track makes the listener feeling somewhat emotional and hungry for EXO to eventually get back along with its users.

The feeling’ might not contain a standout ballad that shows off the full range of EXO’s vocal ability – such as ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ from ‘XOXO’ and ‘Stronger’ from ‘EX’ACT’ – this special new album serves as a reminder of how EXO have earned their spot in the music industry while‘Don’t Fight. Despite their ever-changing lineup of active people as well as an unprecedented hiatus that is year-and-a-half-long EXO are nevertheless right right here whilst still being impacting the K-pop globe along with their inescapably catchy hits.

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