An umbrella term utilized specifically to explain experiences of t little, varying, or periodic experiences of intimate attraction.

An umbrella term utilized specifically to explain experiences of t little, varying, or periodic experiences of intimate attraction.

This encompasses asexual individuals because well as those that identify as demisexual and grey-sexual.

Ace individuals who encounter romantic attraction and occasional intimate attaction may additionally use terms such as for instance homosexual, bi, lesbian, straight and quer along with asexual to spell it out the way of these intimate or occasional intimate attraction.

An umbrella term utilized specifically to explain experiences of deficiencies in, varying, or periodic experiences of intimate attraction. This encompasses aromantic individuals since well as those that identify as demiromantic and grey-romantic.

A (typically) straight and/or cis individual who supports users of the LGBT community.

Bi is definitely an umbrella term utilized to explain a and/or that is romantic orientation towards more than one gender.

Bi individuals may describe by themselves utilizing several of a variety that is wide of, including, although not limited by, bisexual, pan, queer, plus some other non-monosexual and non-monoromantic identities.


Driving a car or dislike of somebody who identifies as bi centered on prejudice or negative attitudes, thinking or views about bi individuals. Biphobic bullying might be geared towards people that are, or that are perceived become, bi.


Butch is a phrase utilized in LBT culture to spell it out an individual who expresses themselves in a typically masculine method.

There are more identities in the range of butch, such as for instance ‘soft butch’ and ‘stone butch’. You need ton’t make use of these terms about someone they identify with them unless you know.

Cisgender or Cis

Someone whose sex identity is equivalent to the intercourse they certainly were assigned at delivery. Non-trans can also be utilized by many people.

​Coming out

Whenever an individual first tells someone/others about their orientation and/or gender identity.


Calling somebody by their delivery name once they have actually changed their title. This term can be related to trans individuals who have changed their title as an element of their change.


Femme is a phrase used in LGBT culture to explain a person who expresses on their own in a typically feminine method.

There are some other identities in the scope of femme, such as ‘low femme’, ‘high femme’, and ‘hard femme’. You really need ton’t make visit the site use of these terms about somebody until you understand they identify using them.

Relates to a person that has a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards guys. Additionally a term that is generic lesbian and homosexual sexuality – some women determine on their own as gay rather than lesbian. Some non-binary individuals may also recognize with this specific term.


Often expressed with regards to femininity and masculinity, sex is largely culturally determined and it is thought from the sex assigned at delivery.

​Gender dysphoria

Utilized to explain each time a person experiences vexation or stress while there is a mismatch between their intercourse assigned at delivery and their sex identification.

This can be additionally the medical diagnosis for an individual who does not feel at ease using the intercourse these were assigned at delivery.

​Gender phrase

What sort of person ch ses to express their gender outwardly, in the context of societal objectives of sex. Somebody who doesn’t adapt to societal expectations of gender might perhaps not, nonetheless, determine as trans.

​Gender identification

A person’s sense that is innate of very own sex, whether male, female or something like that else (see non-binary below), which might or might not correspond to your intercourse assigned at delivery.

​Gender reassignment

One other way of describing a transition that is person’s. To undergo sex reassignment translates to to endure some type of medical intervention, nonetheless it may also suggest names that are changing pronouns, dressing differently and residing in their self-identified gender.

Gender reassignment is a characteristic this is certainly protected by the Equality Act 2010, which is further interpreted into the Equality Act 2010 authorized code of training. It really is a term of much contention and it is one which Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group feels should be evaluated.​

Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC)

This allows trans visitors to be legitimately recognised within their affirmed sex and also to be released by having a brand new delivery certification. Only a few trans people will submit an application for a GRC and also you actually have to be over 18 to put on.

You don’t need a GRC to alter your sex markers at the office or even lawfully replace your sex on other papers such as for instance your passport.

​Gillick competence

A term utilized in medical legislation to ch se whether a kid (under 16 years old) has the capacity to consent with their own treatment that is medical without the necessity for parental authorization or knowledge.


Relates to a man who may have a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards females or even to a woman that has a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards guys.


This could be considered a far more medical term used to explain somebody who has a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards somebody associated with the gender that is same. The word ‘gay’ is currently more generally speaking utilized.


The fear or dislike of somebody, predicated on prejudice or negative attitudes, thinking or views about lesbian, gay or people that are bi. Homophobic bullying might be directed at people that are, or that are perceived become, lesbian, homosexual or bi.


A term utilized to explain an individual who might have the biological characteristics of both sexes or whoever biological characteristics do maybe not match societal assumptions in what comprises man or woman.

Intersex individuals may determine as male, female or non-binary.

Stonewall works together intersex teams to give its lovers and stakeholders information and pr f about regions of disadvantage experienced by intersex individuals but will not, after talks with users of the intersex community, consist of intersex problems included in its remit that is current at phase.


Relates to a woman who’s got a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards ladies. Some non-binary individuals may additionally recognize using this term.


Driving a car or dislike of somebody as they are or are observed to be a lesbian.​


The acronym for lesbian, homosexual, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace.


An umbrella term for individuals whoever sex identification does sit comfortably with n’t ‘man’ or ‘woman’. Non-binary identities are diverse and include individuals who identify with a few areas of binary identities, while other people reject them completely.


Orientation is definitely an umbrella term explaining an individual’s attraction to many other people. This attraction could be sexual (intimate orientation) and/or romantic (intimate orientation). These terms identifies a man or woman’s feeling of identification centered on their destinations, or lack thereof.

Orientations consist of, but are not restricted to, lesbian, homosexual, bi, straight and ace.


Each time a lesbian, gay, bi or trans person’s orientation that is sexual sex identification is disclosed to somebody else without their permission.

Individual having a trans history

An individual who identifies as male or female or an individual, but ended up being assigned the sex that is opposite delivery. This can be increasingly utilized by individuals to acknowledge a trans past.

Relates to an individual whoever intimate and/or intimate attraction towards other people just isn’t restricted to intercourse or sex.

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