Shazz Delight​

Malaysia’s most loved cakes and cookies!



Indulge in Shazz Delight’s exquisite range of premium home-style cookies, biscuits
and cakes exclusively created by Cream Resources Sdn Bhd using Original Traditional
Recipe and Quality Ingredients. An unforgettable taste of cookies and cakes
Besides serving our beloved home country, Malaysia, our products are also enjoyed
in other countries under our export brand names – bieN, PARI-PARI, and Snexflex.
We are also an ODM and OEM manufacturer for other companies’ Brand, both for
local and international companies, using our original range of recipes (ODM) or their
(OEM) recipes depending on to their requirements. We even cater to young
entrepreneur venturing into the cookies business by selling our products using their
own brand name or become our Shazz Delight’s dealer/seller..

Our Story


OUR STORY begins in a small shop-house in Kuala Lumpur in July 1992. With
carefully preserved recipes passed down from our ancestors in Malaysia’s early
Straits Settlements, we developed an exquisite range of Shazz Delight premium
home-style cookies, biscuits and cakes for bakery chains in the city.
Made from the very finest of ingredients and careful baking techniques, our
products were an immediate hit with the community both in Malaysia and abroad.
The flavours were unique, textures distinct and taste always outstanding. Little
wonder that from the very beginning, consumers adored our range.
Eventually, in an effort to enhance our production capacity and global operations
expansion, we moved to a fully equipped factory in a light industrial lot where, to
this day, we continue to refine our techniques and procedures, all the time keeping
an eye out for pristine quality and fine ingredients.


In the space of less than a decade, Cream Resources has firmly stamped its presence as a key player in the retail market for premium quality home-style cookies both in Malaysia and abroad. Our track record in private labelling, contract manufacturing and retailing speaks for itself. With a diverse customer based ranging from players in the direct selling industry and baker chains to independent operators, we’re especially well known for our consistent quality and timely delivery of orders. More importantly we’re recognised for our ability to work closely as partners with our associates, taking the time to identify and solve problems and to deliver quality products and service. Our commitment to our products and customers can be seen in our operational compliance with food safety and health guidelines as well as the observance of strict quality controls at all stages of production and delivery. All our products are Halal and conform to the strict requirements of Islamic standards, Malaysian government regulations and international importing standards. We at Cream Resources are extremely proud of our products and reaffirm our commitment to continue a tradition of being associated only with the best. Every biscuit, cookie and cake that we create is with total commitment to excellence. Using only quality, natural ingredients with no added preservatives, all our biscuits, and cookies and cakes are baked the old fashioned way with a lot of care and undivided attention: in order words, the test and presentation are in the very best tradition of our ancestors’ home baking.

The 5 Bestselling Cars 2022

 1. Ford F-Series (140,701 units sold)

Not even a 31 percent decline could knock the F-series lineup from its place atop the sales rankings. Later this year, Ford will start selling an electric version of Ford F-150 called the Lightning.

2. Toyota RAV4 (101,192 units sold)

Toyota RAV4 has cemented its place as the bestselling non-pickup in recent years, and that looks to continue for 2022. Sales were down 11 percent but it still has a wide margin over the next highest-selling model on this list.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee (75,117 units sold)

Similar to the Highlander, we’re not used to seeing Jeep‘s mid-size SUV Grand Cherokee on the list of bestsellers. Now that both the three-row L and new two-row models are on sale, the numbers jumped by 36 percent compared with last year.

4. Toyota Highlander (66,026 units sold)

We’re not sure what’s driving the Toyota Highlander’s popularity, but it’s higher on this list than it’s ever been. Sales were up 3 percent compared with this time last year.We’re not sure what’s driving the Toyota Highlander‘s popularity, but it’s higher on this list than it’s ever been. Sales were up 3 percent compared with this time last year.

5. Toyota Camry (61,505 units sold)

Although SUVs have largely taken over this list, the Toyota Camry remains the bestselling vehicle that’s neither an SUV nor a pickup truck. The Camry dropped by 21 percent but still beat out the next best passenger car, the Corolla, by a significant margin.